2024 CAE-R CoP Research Symposium

The 2024 CAE-R CoP Research Symposium will be held at Marriott St. Louis Grand, on Thursday, October 10, 2024, as part of the National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium. The goals of the symposium are to (1) further establish the CAE-R as a community of practice, (2) build a community that involves PhD students, and (3) showcase the excellent research done at CAE-R designated institutions. The symposium will be attended by representatives from CAE-R schools as well as invited government employees.


Program Co-Chairs

    Roberto Perdisci, University of Georgia
    Gabriela Ciocarlie, University of Texas at San Antonio

Program Committee Members

    Elisa Bertino, Purdue University
    Guofei Gu, Texas A&M University
    Alina Oprea, Northeastern University
    Manuel Egele, Boston University
    Mark Boutwell, National Security Agency

CAE-R Symposium Program Elements

PhD Candidates Presentations. Like last year, we strive for the CAE-R Symposium to be a unique opportunity to both (a) showcase our outstanding PhD students and (b) identify and connect them with potential future faculty hires. A small set of senior PhD students (ideally in their last year) will be selected to give a short oral presentation of their research spanning the last few years. Think of this as an opportunity for them to give a preview of their dissertations to a large audience of faculty from CAE-R institutions and representatives from various government agencies. 

We are seeking up to two nominations from each CAE-R institution. Students will be selected based on diversity of research areas and representation of a variety of CAE-R institutions. We expect that we will be able to offer travel support to some of the students (support will only be available for US citizens and permanent residents).

CAE-R PoCs and faculty members should nominate their PhD students by August 9, 2024, using this Qualtrics Form.


Research Highlights Posters. With the goal of fostering awareness and collaboration between CAE-R institutions and showcase the research to government representatives, we will also have a Research Highlights Poster Session to feature papers that have been recently published. The posters will ideally be presented by PhD students, but faculty poster presentations are also welcome. We encourage CAE-R PoCs to nominate up to three research papers in cybersecurity from their institution that have appeared (or will appear) in a 2023 or 2024 cybersecurity research conference.

CAE-R PoCs and faculty members should nominate research highlight posters by August 9, 2024, using this Qualtrics Form.