Every year, NSA/DHS Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education and Research must submit an annual report containing information regarding student enrollment, number of graduates, student placement, research funding, and a variety of other variables.  Submitting this information is a requirement for re-designation.

The purpose of this online annual report tool is to provide a consistent format for reporting schools to provide data.  A single form can be completed for multiple designations (i.e. institution holds both CAE-CDE & CAE-R designation).  If the POC for the multiple designations are different, then separate forms can be completed for each designation.

Here are the steps to take in completing the annual report:

Please be aware that Webform Applications cannot be saved or stored if incomplete.  Should you navigate away from the Webform Application, all progress will be lost.  That is why we suggest that you collect all needed information for the Webform Application BEFORE you start.  Then you can easily enter the needed information.  Also, the application will eventually "time out" due to inactivity, so please set aside the time to enter the information all in one sitting.

Please submit your information no later than January 15, 2018.  If you have any questions about the annual report tool and its use, please feel free to contact Dr. Barbara SIrotnik, Director of the Institute of Applied Research, at (909) 537-5729 or bsirotni@csusb.edu.  If you have questions regarding the CAE Program or the annual report itself, please feel free to contact the CAE Program Office at AskCAEIAE@nsa.gov.

Please download the appropriate pdf(s) for your institution's designation(s).
The pdf(s) will allow you to collect all needed information off-line before you begin to enter your information in this site.