Building and Hacking an Exploitable WiFi Environment for your classroom
Event Begins and Ends Posted 21 Dec 2020 10:12 AM

Do you teach a cybersecurity course and want to offer your students a hands-on WiFi hacking experience? In this this two-day workshop hosted by the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems at the University of Pittsburgh School of Computing and Information, you will (1) learn how to locate and identify WiFi access points (a.k.a. reconnaissance), (2) understand the conditions under which WEP and WPA2 can be hacked, and (3) hack up to four WEP access points (with different settings), in addition to a WPA2 access point. In addition, participants will learn (4) how to build and configure WiFi access points for their students to hack and (5) how Raspberry Pis can be used to act as the necessary clients for those access points.

Wednesday 1/13/2021 (10am - 7pm EST) and Thursday 1/14/2021 (10am - 5pm EST) 

Link to register: