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Florida International University is honored to host the 2024 NCAE-C and GenCyber Capacity Building: Integrated Faculty Workshops program on July 9 – 11, 2024. CAE andGenCyber promote nation-wide grant programs funded by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). The intended purpose is to build pathways to cybersecurity careers, increase cybersecurity awareness, and build teaching capacity. Available to SE CAE-C Community consisting of faculty from secondary and post-secondary (college and university) institution from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee (Stipend is provided to cover travel and lodging at FIU).

FIU will conduct a three-day intermediate and advanced workshops for secondary and post-secondary faculty in an integrated environment focused on cybersecurity and digital forensics. Each workshop will consist of two topics, two cohorts simultaneously, with content presented in the morning followed by application in the afternoon. The audience will be divided into high school and community college faculty in one cohort, and community college, college and university faculty in the other. The objectives are to provide secondary faculty who are already teaching cybersecurity or who have fundamental cybersecurity knowledge access to more advanced material, in an environment where they can apply the knowledge conveyed, and where they can interact with post-secondary faculty to establish or cultivate partnerships and a support network. These workshops are not designed for novice secondary cybersecurity teachers. For post-secondary faculty, this should offer an opportunity to expand their teaching qualifications and should offer them an opportunity to develop relationships with secondary educators in their geographic region.

The general goals of the program are:

(1) Increase awareness of cybersecurity and digital forensics content and career opportunities for participants,

(2) Identify and recruit promising (historically underrepresented) participants to satisfy the increasing demand for cybersecurity expertise in the area of digital forensics,

(3) Build affinity collaboration among the participants within each cohort, during the workshop and after as a means of creating knowledge share and better pathways,

(4) Substantially increase participant knowledge and skills in digital forensics and cybersecurity according to their cohort and understanding,

(5) Generate sharable workshop materials for the CAE and CLARK communities, which include participant developed lesson plans.

Training Details

  • July 9th – July 11th, 2024, Only CAE Schools in the Southeastern region is eligible to participate,
  • Two cohorts – 1) Secondary and Community College Faculty and 2) Community College and University Faculty,
  • Participate in cybersecurity and digital forensics experts,
  • Collaborate with FIU Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty,
  • Engage with cybersecurity and digital forensics industry professionals,
  • Develop lessons with other teachers,
  • Meet on FIU campus and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Labs,
  • Workshops will run from approximately 8am – 4pm each day.


This project has a wide-reaching impact on secondary and post-secondary faculty and aligns with cybersecurity and digital forensics initiatives to building teaching capacity and participant collaboration and synergy. Faculty from the Southeastern CAE-C Community are welcome to apply for the workshops. The workshops are delivered at no charge to faculty focused on building cybersecurity and digital forensics skills.

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  • Dr. Alexander Perez-Pons
  • Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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