Virtual Faculty Development Training Series hosted by The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)
Event Begins and Ends Posted 14 Jan 2022 9:47 AM
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Have you been considering honing your professorial chops? Join us for monthly training sessions that will help you prepare to become a faculty member at an institution of higher education (college or university). These monthly sessions, held from January 2022 to June 2022, will prepare you for everything from the application process, i.e., writing a resume (CV) and cover letter to writing research and diversity statements. Check out the details for the 6 sessions below. You can register for a single session or as many as you like.  Register Here.

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Session 1: Developing a CV

Learn the basics of how to develop your curriculum vitae. Through this workshop you will learn how to market your skill sets to help you stand out as you apply for faculty positions in higher education.

  • Thursday, January 20th - 4:00pm-5:00pm MT
  • Presenter: Kenar Houghton, Graduate Peer Career Advisor, UCCS Career Center


Session 2: Writing a Cover Letter

Learn the basic format of an effective cover letter. Through this workshop you will learn tactics to allow you to tell your story and highlight your unique experience.

  • Thursday, February 17th - 4:00pm-5:00pm MT
  • Presenter: Danny Pape, Director, UCCS Career Center


Session 3: Writing a Research Statement

Learn the basics of crafting a compelling research statement. Through this workshop you will learn how to illustrate your research interests, highlight your accomplishments, and outline the future of your research.

  • Thursday, March 17th - 4:00pm-5:00pm MT
  • Speaker: Dr. Jessi Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, UCCS


Session 4: Writing a Teaching Philosophy

Learn the basics of writing an impactful teaching philosophy. Through this workshop you will learn how to share your beliefs about what is important in teaching and learning.

  • Thursday, April 21st - 4:00pm-5:00pm MT
  • Presenter: Dr. Sylvia Mendez, Professor and Chair of the Department of Leadership, Research, and Foundations, UCCS College of Education


Session 5: Writing a Diversity Statement

Learn the basics of writing an effective diversity statement. Through this workshop you will learn how to share your values as they relate to your understanding and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in higher education.

  • Thursday, May 19th - 4:00pm-5:00pm MT
  • Presenter: Office of Diversity, UCCS (presenter TBD)


Session 6: Tips and Tricks for Interviews

Learn how to stand out during the interview process. Through this workshop you will learn how to prepare for an interview, answer common interview questions, and common pitfalls to avoid.

  • Thursday, June 16th - 4:00pm-5:00pm MT
  • Presenter: Bailey Ashida, Career Coach, UCCS Career Center


Questions?  Please contact:

Michael Hellman, Ed.M.​​

Program Enrollment Coordinator | Cybersecurity Faculty Development Program

College of Business | University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 

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