Cybersecurity Faculty Development, Phase 2: Expanding Supply in Response to Demand - A National Focus

A unified Faculty Development program brand under CAE-C Community banner. One initiative with 20 participating institutions.

Initiative Description

“There is a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals available to teach and perform faculty duties in cybersecurity”. The institutional directed projects have been designed with special attention to scaling nationwide. The objectives are:

  1. Expanding the knowledge and teaching qualifications of existing faculty. Programs will enable current cybersecurity faculty to expand on the programs already offered at designated and candidate CAE-C institutions.
  2. Recruiting and pedagogical preparation for professors of practice. Faculty may propose a program engaging partnerships with government and industry employers taking professionals in the field of cybersecurity, providing them with an understanding of pedagogy required in college education, and placing them in classrooms as adjunct or guest lecturers.
  3. Recruiting graduate students, particularly PhD candidates, to teach in cybersecurity. Programs that engage graduate students to inspire and prepare them to teach in cybersecurity.
  4. Recruiting transitioning military and civil service personnel from government cybersecurity work roles. Participants in either of these ventures will commit to teaching at a NCAE-C designated or Candidate institution for a specified period of time based on investment.

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