Leading Institution:
Montreat College

Consolidated NCAE-C Professional Development Resources (Ethics & Professionalism for Students)

Consolidated CAE-C Professional Development Resources, which are to “provide students with insight into careers in cybersecurity, professional behavior and ethics, and other soft skills in demand in the workplace. The task is to identify a program that can be made available to all students in a NCAE-C designated program to assist students with exposure to cyber career paths and soft skill development.” The audience for these materials will be CAE-C schools and students.

This initiative is responsible for the five key deliverables listed below.

1. Cybersecurity Ethics Book and Curricula

2. Professionalism and Soft Skills Curriculum Development & Pilot Program

3. Cybersecurity Career Videos

4. Directory of Materials and Creation of Additional Materials

5. Dissemination of Curricula and Other Materials

The six principal personnel, who will be responsible for the key deliverables, comprise over 85 years of practical industry IT and cybersecurity experience, over 50 years of higher education experience, and offer a demonstrated commitment to advancing the development of cybersecurity professionals in industry and academia. We are honored to have this opportunity to serve the CAE-C Community.

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Kelli Burgin
Initiative Primary POC
Email: kelli.burgin@montreat.edu