Leading Institution:
Norwich University

Senior Military College (SMC) Cyber Institutes

The Department of Defense faces a competitive environment for the recruitment and retention of world-class cyber talent. DoD requires a deliberate pathway to enable talent development in cyber and cyber related competencies to meet Department workforce needs for near term and future emerging cyber challenges. Development of talent is a critical component of DOD success in maintaining ahead of adversaries and defending the U.S. and its national interests. The DoD Cyber Institutes at the SMCs will have five lines of effort.

LOE 1: Development SMC DoD Cyber Institutes

  • Staff Hiring x SMC 2 FTEs and 6 x Military
  • Academic Programs
  • Expand programs to meet U.S. Cyber Command skills gaps
  • Research programs

LOE 2a: Expand and Sustain Cyber Experimental Programs (Internal)

  • INSuRE and Hack for Defense Semester programs – Technical, Policy, and others Challenge problems
  • Degree capstones and projects linked to U.S. Cyber Command requirements
  • Expansion of Security Operations Centers/Security Situation Centers

LOE 2b: Expand and Sustain Cyber Experimental Programs (External)

  • Cadet Leader Develop Program expansion
  • U.S. Cyber Command Internships and Apprenticeships/SMC Technical and Leadership programs
  • Expeditionary Corps programs at U.S. Cyber Command, DISA and CSC

LOE 3: Recruit, Train, and Deploy RC SMC Deputy Directors

LOE 4: Extend Persistent Cyber Training Environment to SMCs

LOE 5: Build Governance and Assessment Framework/Processes

  • Government Governance
  • SMC Governance
  • Joint Governance
  • Assessment Reporting and Demonstrations

This initiative addresses a Department of Defense requirement, and will be executed in partnership between the NCAE-C Program Office, Office of Secretary of Defense R&E, and U.S. Cyber Command. The objectives for the Cyber Institutes and those of the NCAE-C Evidencing Competency Working Group are closely aligned and achievements of one will support the other.

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Dr. Sharon Hamilton
Initiative Primary POC
Email: shamilto@norwich.edu