INSuRE (Information Security Research Education) Summer Workshop


In an attempt to provide research education and experience to cybersecurity students from CAE institutions, we are offering two separate intense INSuRE+E research workshops in Summer 2024. Modeled after the INSuRE+E program, teams of students will be working on an applied research problem of national interest mentored by a problem mentor from a government agency. Supervision is provided by a faculty member from a CAE-R institution.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who are entering the 3rd year or above of their undergraduate studies or early MS/PhD students who are US citizens or permanent residents can apply to one or both sessions listed below.

Workshop Logistics

Session 1

    Topic of Research: Empirical Evaluation of Mitigations for Threats to Global Internet Routing
    Prerequisite Knowledge: Course on Cybersecurity, Course on Networking/Network Security
    Dates: June 10 – June 28
    Location: Iowa State University, Ames IA

Session 2

    Topic of Research: Formal Analysis of Quantum Resistant Network Protocol Proposals
    Prerequisite Knowledge: Course on Discrete Mathematics, Course on Cybersecurity, Course on Networking/Network Security
    Dates: July 8 — July 26
    Location: University of Alabama, Huntsville AL

Funding Support for Students

    Students will receive travel support and a stipend of $4050 for each 3-week session to cover room and board.

Application Submission Deadline

    May 15, 2024

Application Link

    Students are to fill out this form.

Application Requirements

    Resume (please highlight relevant coursework and experience in cybersecurity)
    Unofficial transcript
    Personal statement (no formatting requirements; detail your motivation and interest to participate in the workshop(s) and discuss relevant background/qualifications)
    Contact information for a full-time faculty member who has agreed to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf by the application deadline