Leading Institution:
Norwich University

Initiated through a grant from the National Center of Academic Excellence – Cybersecurity (NCAE-C), housed in the National Security Agency, Norwich University was designated in October 2022 as the lead institution to lead a coalition of nine institutions of higher learning to develop the NCAE-C Careers Preparation National Center (CPNC). 

The program office at Norwich, led by Dr. Sharon R. Hamilton, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships, will guide the governance, process, and infrastructure to develop and promote collaboration and joint engagement across the CPNC coalition, NCAE-C National Centers, and our critical government and industry Partners.


The CPNC builds on prior grant results and identifies new NCAE-C efforts to foster the development of college students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for government and industry employment. The CPNC team is addressing federal, state, and local government and industry requirements and student professional development (communication, critical thinking, and collaboration) to better prepare NCAE-C cybersecurity students for today’s and tomorrow’s work roles.

The CPNC team continues to develop and oversee regional exercises, implement competency integration into NCAE-C validated programs of study, develop a competency statement e-library, and continue the measurement of competency development tools and competition competencies. The CPNC is actively collaborating with the CAE Community National Center, NCAE-C Education Pathway National Center, NCAE-C Candidates and Peer Review National Centers, and all NCAE-C designated institutions.




OPPORTUNITY 1: ONCD Initiative 12 Input

On May 1st, Lynne Clark, CAE-C PM, sent a community email detailing her leadership role on the Office of the National Cybersecurity Director (ONCD) Cybersecurity Workforce Education and Training Plan Initiative 12. The ONCD Initiative 12 seeks to identify current and innovative models for the award of academic credit for experiential and complementary learning, outside an academic program. 

Input from the CAE-C community is essential and provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our unique and innovative competency-based initiatives. 

We request that you complete the ONCD-12 survey (3-4 minutes) at this link: https://forms.office.com/r/AzXaipzjvx

After you submit the survey, please share your examples for awarding credit for or funding experiential opportunities (curriculum, summary of initiative) to CAE_CPNC@Norwich.edu (CAE_CPNC@Norwich.edu)

Please address questions on the survey to Dr. Sharon Hamilton, PI CPNC, shamilto@norwich.edu


OPPORTUNITY 2: SOC in a Box Manual & Mentoring

Each CAE-C Institution has the opportunity to access the "manual" and receive mentoring on the Security Operations Center (SOC) “blueprint” or what we call "SOC in a Box".

This SOC blueprint contains the technology, people, procedures, and protocols for standing up and implementing a SOC in a higher education environment with the right support from leadership.

The implementation and support of a SOC at your institution could:

  • enhance capabilities to develop workforce-ready talent immediately, improve and enhance the overall academic experience
  • create additional and self-sustaining revenue streams for the university with external partnerships.

The Norwich Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) will provide:

  • Blueprint instructions
  • Strategic and technical guidance
  • Virtual/remote support

For more information on SOC in a Box, contact Nathan Reddick,  nreddick@norwich.edu 

OPPORTUNITY 3: Cyber Ed in a Box

CyberEd in a Box is an NCAE program designed to combine industry and academic learning in a single box to accelerate breach-ready employees into the market. Students are placed using NIST/NICE Workgroups, set goals with KSATs, take a baseline course in Risk Assessment, and choose a career learning pathway to technical training and human factors. Students earn industry certificates as well as academic certificates or degrees. They work in cyber ranges, competitions, mentoring, and apprenticeship opportunities. Students work on industry-based projects with companies and are placed through both an AI-based CyberWallet (Learning Management Record) and personal networked connections. CyberAlumni keeps students together.

We offer a fully certified program to be installed in your school, in Professional Continuing Education, or within degree programs. You bring the students, we bring the baseline content, cybersecurity assessments, tailored content, mentors, and deliverable schedules.

For more information please contact: Ran Hinrichs, rhinrich@norwich.edu 

Dr. Ram Dantu ( UNT)
PI, Career Matching
Email: Ram.Dantu@unt.edu
Mr. Ran Hinrichs (Norwich)
Project Manager, Cooperative Education
Email: rhinrich@norwich.edu
Dr. Vincent Nestler (CSUSB)
PI, Competency Development
Email: VNestler@csusb.edu
Dr. Zoe Fowler (Norwich)
Principal Researcher, Competency Development
Email: zfowler@norwich.edu
Dr. Susanne Wetzel (SIT)
PI, Competency Learning Environments
Email: swetzel@stevens.edu
Dr. Dan Manson (Norwich)
Task Lead, Competency Development Competitions
Email: dmanson1@norwich.edu
Ms. Paige Zaleppa (SecurEd)
Task Lead Competency Constructor
Email: paige.zaleppa@secured.team
Mr. Nathan Reddick
Lead, SOC in a Box and DECIDE Platform Exercise
Email: nreddick@norwich.edu
Ms. Kelli Burgin (Montreat College)
PI, Student Professional Development
Email: kelli.burgin@montreat.edu
Dr. Michael Tu (PNW)
PI, Credit Transfer
Email: michael.tu@pnw.edu
Mr. Thomas Brown (FTCC)
PI, Articulation Agreement Database
Email: tbrown@forsythtech.edu