Posted on 05 Oct 2017 12:12 PM

The National Security Agency's National Cryptologic School in conjunction with the National Science Foundation have a requirement to provide cyber training programs for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools (K-12) students and teachers.  

GenCyber responds to a recognized need to develop cybersecurity awareness and teach sound cybersecurity fundamentals at the K-12 levels.  The program achieves this by providing grants to universities, public or private schools or schools systems, not-for-profit institutions, or non-profit institutions to conduct in-residence or commuter learning events for students; and providing instruction, instructional materials, and effective teaching methods to middle and high school teachers.  

The 2018 GenCyber Call for Proposals was released on September 20th and can be found on the GenCyber webpage (  The proposal acceptance period is open thru October 27, 2017.