2019 CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium
Posted on 15 Aug 2019 12:24 PM
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Please join us for the annual CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium on November 21st-22nd, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona!  The CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium is designed to provide community members and applicants the opportunity to network, receive community updates, and present their research to the community.  The symposium is open to all existing Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD), Centers of Academic Excellence in Research (CAE-R), and Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO), as well as government representatives and invitees. This also includes schools that have applied for CAE Designation or are in the process of applying. Attending the event is free, but registration is required in advance to gain access to the conference.

In order to process your registration, we recommend registering early. On-site registration is discouraged as you will not be eligible for travel assistance. Each registration is approved by the CAE-CDE program office. Therefore, in order to make sure you are approved to attend, register to attend the symposium by November 15th, 2019. 


Due to a high volume of registrants, the CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium is currently at capacity. Registration for the symposium is now CLOSED. Because of the large volume of participants, we will NOT allow onsite registration. We apologize for the late notice. 

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Exciting changes are afoot for this year’s program!  While updates from the CAE-CD program dominated the last five years of the symposium, this year the program will include a special track for the CAE-R institutions. CAE-R institutions will have the opportunity to participate in the CAE-R track that runs concurrently to the CAE-CD program, but contains material of interest to the CAE-R institutions.

Another exciting change is the introduction of a Program Committee for the CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium! Although the CAE in Cybersecurity Community created the symposium program for the last five years, this year we formed a committee with members of the community from CAE-CD and CAE-R institutions to build out a two-day program for the symposium. The idea behind this move is to include more members of the community in drafting a program that will serve the needs of the CAE-CD and CAE-R institutions. A program committee call went out to the community in July 2019. Since the end of July 2019, the committee, in partnership with the CAE in Cybersecurity Community has built an amazing 2019 program.

The following committee members were selected out of a pool of candidates to create the 2019 program and review program submissions:

Representing the CAE-CD Program Committee:

  • Amelia Estwick – Excelsior College
  • Faisal Kaleem – Metropolitan State University
  • Kim Muschalek – San Antonio College


Representing the CAE-R Program Committee:

  • Agnes Chan – Northeastern University
  • Dongwan Shin – New Mexico Tech
  • Jennifer Cuttler – Texas A&M University


The two-day program will consist of content for two tracks: CAE-CDE and CAE-R. General sessions will apply to both tracks; however, the tracks themselves will run concurrently. ***If you are a CAE-R institution, the CAE-R program is asking all schools to bring a poster (24" x 36") to represent your research. The CAE-Rs will host a poster session for the CAE-R institutions and any CAE-CD institutions interested in the research. Posters will also be on display in the main ballroom. Easels will be provided. 

Please review the agenda below for details on the events occurring on November 21st (8:00am-5:00pm) and the 22nd (8:00am-5:00pm).

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Sheraton Phoneix Downtown

The symposium will take place at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown.

Address Location: 340 N 3rd Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004

To book your hotel with the conference rate, please go to https://book.passkey.com/event/49903778/owner/68648/home.

If you have any questions about this event or this content, please contact info@caecommunity.org.

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Travel Assistance is being coordinated by California State University, San Bernardino  (CSUSB) through grant funds provided by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. The grant provides reimbursement for travel up to $1000 per person (one person per institution) including airfare and two nights hotel at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona.

CSUSB will handle reimbursements based on receipts. You must submit original receipts in order for your assistance to be processed. The CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium will be held November 21-22, 2019, after the NICE Conference. Travel funding is only available for the CAE in Cybersecurity Symposium and not for the NICE Conference, although you are encouraged to attend both.

 ***NOTE: You must be a CAE designated institution to receive travel funding. 

If you will be submitting for travel assistance, please indicate so on the registration form below.

Those seeking travel assistance must register before the November 15th deadline.

If you have any questions about this event or this content, please contact info@caecommunity.org.

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We are no longer accepting proposal submissions for our CAE-CDE track.

If you have questions, please contact us a support@caecommunity.org.

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