Posted on 07 Jan 2021 11:55 AM

CAE-C Evidencing Competencies NUARI SSC


This document explains the NUARI SSC and the survey for CAE-C institutions to support the evidencing competencies project.


Evidencing Competencies

The project seeks to identify and foster programs within CAE-C institutions that afford students with real-world experience in one of the NIST NICE framework work roles.  Norwich University Applied Research Institutes has developed a Security Situation Center where students can work as cyber defense analysts and open-source intelligence analysts using data from real world partnerships.  Other examples of this type of experiential learning would be cybersecurity competitions akin to Cyber Patriot.  



The Norwich University Applied Research Institutes have developed a Security Situation Center that processes cybersecurity threat intelligence for partner organizations.  The SSC employs Norwich University interns to hunt for threats using industry standard tools.  These interns achieve a certificate once they have identified a set of threats over the course of 40 hours in the operations center.  The work roles in the SSC are directly mirrored from the NIST NICE roles and the knowledge, skills, and abilities in those work roles are assessed during on-boarding and while working in the operations center.  The technical requirements, standard operating procedures, and educational framework will be made available to other CAE-C institutions who are interested in building a similar program.


The Survey

The survey (QR code link option available in the PDF attachment below) collects information about your institution’s capabilities and programs that may support an SSC at your institution.  The data is collected by NUARI and will not be shared outside the CAE-C evidencing competencies project.  Respondent contact information will not be shared with anyone outside NUARI and only used to clarify responses on the survey.  The survey will attempt to capture other experiential learning activities at other CAE-C institutions.  This information will be shared with the CAE-C EC project members.

For the survey link, click here.


If you have questions about the project or the survey, please contact:


Jack Skoda

Associate Vice President


Norwich University Applied Research Institutes