Posted on 06 Apr 2017 4:29 AM

The NSA/DHS National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) Program Office invites you to participate in a meeting of CAE-CD Principal Representatives on 06 June 2017. The event will be held at the Von Braun Center one day before the start of the National Cyber Summit (NCS) (07 – 08 June 2017, Huntsville, AL). The purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for open discussion on key CAE topics and to provide updates on the CAE-CD strategic Plan for Fiscal Year 2017 and beyond.

The CAE Community will be providing travel assistance to CAE-CD Principals. Reimbursement funds are available for those without large NSF grants and are limited to one person per institution. Reimbursements are limited to: Two (2) nights hotel, air, ground transportation and will be reimbursed in accordance to Cal State San Bernardino travel policies.

To register for the CAE-CD Principals' meeting and request travel assistance, please visit

There is a separate registration to attend the NCS. To register, please visit

Hotel and general NCS information can also be found on the NCS website. Travel and registration costs beyond the travel assistance below are the responsibility of the Cyber Defense Principal Representative or his/her parent institution.