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In the spirit of fostering collaboration and information sharing in the CAE community, NSA has created a new initiative called CAE Tech Talk. The vision: to create a live, online, Internet forum/webinar where members of the CAE community can give technical presentations on cybersecurity related topics to the CAE community at large.  Capitol Technology University (CTU) will host these presentations using their online delivery platform (Adobe Connect). Presentations along with questions and anwers are conducted live in real-time over the Internet. Anyone in the CAE community (professors, students, government employees, etc.) is encouraged to give a presentation. Presentations should be no more than one-hour including questions and answers. At the conclusion of the presentation, it will be recorded and posted on CTUs website for further viewing. For more information on the CAE Tech Talk initiative, send email to

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Howdy Friends in the CAE community, I am looking for speakers to do presentations for the CAE Tech Talk program. Georgia Tech is stepping up to the plate with 3 speakers. I am looking forward to hearing from the rest of you.