Posted on 12 May 2015 8:15 AM

Mark your calendars and come join your friends in the CAE community for a Tech Talk presentation. We are a warm, inviting group of people that share technical knowledge. CAE Tech Talks are conducted in real-time over the Internet so there is no need to travel. You can attend from just about anywhere (office, home, etc.) Capitol Technology University (CTU) will be hosting the presentation using their online delivery platform (Adobe Connect). The presentation, along with questions and answers, is conducted live in real-time using VOIP and chat. Just log in as guest and enjoy the presentation.

Below, is a description of the presentation and the logistics of attendance.

Topic: Catching Bad Guys with Graph Mining and Visualization
Presenter: Dr. Polo Chau from Georgia Tech
Date: Thursday 21 May 2015
Time: 1pm – 2pm EST
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Audience Skill Level:  All levels

Big data has redefined crime. We now see new breeds of crime where technologically savvy criminals cover their tracks with the large amount of data generated, and obfuscate law enforcement with multiple fake virtual identities. I will describe major graph mining and visualization projects from my group that combat malicious behaviors by untangling sophisticated schemes crafted by criminals.
The discussion will also explore the following technologies:

1) The Polonium malware detection technology that unearths malware from 37 billion machine-file relationships. Deployed by Symantec, Polonium protects 120 million machines worldwide. Our next generation Aesop technology pushes the detection rate to over 99%.

2) The NetProbe system that detects auction fraud on eBay and fingers bad guys by identifying their networks of suspicious transactions.

3) The Apolo system and MAGE system that combine machine inference and visualization to guide the user to interactively explore large graphs.

After the live presentation, CTU will post a recording of the presentation on its website:
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