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Posted on 22 Apr 2021 8:14 PM

Call for Paper 

Organizational Cybersecurity Journal

Practice, Process, and People

SPECIAL ISSUE on Cybersecurity and Forensics: Challenges & Future Trends

Organizational Cybersecurity Journal: Practice, Process, and People (OCJ) seeks to publish advances in scientific knowledge directly related to cybersecurity management. Cybersecurity impacts not only the technical side of an organization, but brand image, ethical and legal obligations, uninterrupted operations, customer relations, internal processes, risk management, strategic initiatives, and most every dimension of sustaining a successful organization. The journal welcomes papers from human, technical, and process perspectives.

The Special Issue on Cybersecurity and Forensics aims to have a detailed discussion of cybersecurity and digital forensics for creating effective defense, analysis and investigation of cybercrime. A broad coverage of technical and socio-economic perspectives for utilizing information and communication technologies and developing practical solutions in cybersecurity, cybercrime, and cyber forensics will be discussed. Topics might include, but are not limited to: • Digital Transformation and New Crimes • Evolution of Digital Forensics • Technology and Cybercrime: Policies and Implications • Cyber Security and Cyber warfare • Ethical Hackers • Digital Evidence and the New Criminal Procedure • Mobile, Cloud, IoT, and Network Forensics • AI and Cybersecurity This special issue aims to present papers with detailed analysis of digital forensics, identify the needs of digital forensics to be practiced in an effective, ethical, and legal manner.

We would like to invite authors and contributors in the field of Networking, wired/wireless communications systems, Cybersecurity, Forensics, and ICT for submissions of original and high-quality papers in their research of the above listed areas. Submit Abstracts directly to by November 5, 2021.


SPECIAL ISSUE EDITORS Abdulrahman Yarali, Murray State University Faris Sahawneh, Murray State University   |

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