Posted on 11 Oct 2017 10:25 AM

AFCEA International is pleased to host the first Cyber Education Research, and Training Symposium (CERTS) connecting military and agency stakeholders with solution providers from academia, business, and research centers. This event is taking place from January 17-18 in Augusta, Georgia. 

Building the Cyber Team – Education, Research, and Training”

  • CERTS focuses on education, training, and research activities supporting cyber educators, trainers, and the workforce, from classroom to workplace, in practice, and on the mission. Join the discussions - from curriculum through certification, to tools and techniques.
  • Leaders from across the Department of Defense, industry, and academia will discuss the challenges, near-term requirements and emergent solutions to learn, operate, and succeed in cyberspace.
  • CERTS features keynote speakers, panels and breakout sessions promoting discussion between operators and supporting professionals on the plans and priorities needed to build and sustain cyber competencies, operate in this complex space, and defend the nation’s cyber domain.
  • This first symposium is limited to 350 attendees to build community and promote networking. Help define the conversation, the issues, and the partnerships during extensive networking opportunities and topic discussions.

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