Posted on 23 Oct 2019 12:52 PM

Apply for your chance to be part of a very unique opportunity, funded by NSF and made possible by the SANS Institute. University Information Security practitioners need more help, but often struggle to find students to hire that will be able to make a meaningful contribution to their mission with limited overhead. On the other hand, University Faculty have strong connections to future potential cybersecurity professionals and are looking to help their
students get valuable work experience.

We are looking for no more than 10 Universities to join us for a workshop at NYU Tandon to facilitate the implementation of this program at your University. To qualify, you must be a Faculty and CISO pair (or equivalent) willing to implement a program similar to the proof of concept completed at Stony Brook University.

In addition to receiving the benefits associated with contributing to resolve the nationwide Cybersecurity shortage to assist with the real-world security challenges you will receive;

● Free access to a cutting edge training platform for your entire student body developed by the SANS Institute ( )
● A stipend of $6000 to the participating Universities to assist with implementation of the program
● Attendance to a quick-start workshop on January 4 to beheld at NYU Tandon (Brooklyn) and led by Mandy Galante (SANS), Matt Nappi (SBU) and Nasir Memon (NYU)
● Travel expenses to the workshop will be covered by the NSF grant

If chosen to participate, we will notify you no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop.

Please email a letter of intent with a brief summary of why you are committed to participating in this program signed by the Faculty Member and Security Practitioner to Nasir Memon at . 

Please include in your letter
University Name:
InfoSec Leader Name and Official Title:
Faculty Name and Speciality:

Please email any questions to Nasir Memon