Posted on 22 Jan 2020 9:56 AM

CCEI (Cyber Center for Education and Innovation) is soliciting comments from cybersecurity educators and practitioners regarding the DRAFT High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework.  All members of the CAE in Cybersecurity Community are being invited to provide feedback based on your expertise, experience, and interest.

The deadline to provide feedback is February 21, 2020.  

What is the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework? 
The DRAFT High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework is intended to be a clear and detailed description of the requirements for a high school course in cybersecurity. The course is designed to be equivalent to a first-semester introductory college cybersecurity course. The major areas of study in the course are organized around big ideas foundational to studying cybersecurity (based on Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe).

Why is a High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework Needed? 
More high schools are teaching cybersecurity and this trend is expected to continue. A curriculum framework could help feed the workforce pipeline by: facilitating articulation among schools, enabling advanced placement/testing out, and affording more students the opportunity to develop an interest in cybersecurity in high school.

Next Steps
Here are the steps to follow if you would like to provide comment on the DRAFT High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework:

1.      To learn more about the project, you can visit the homepage here:

 2.     To Request Access to the Framework (if you do not already have access), please go here:

Note:  be sure to check your spam folder for the notification that access was granted.  If you have any problems, contact me (Melissa Dark) at

 3.     Once access has been granted, read the framework and provide your comment here: