Evidencing Competency Pilot
Posted on 13 Jul 2021 4:38 PM


Evidencing Competency Pilot

We are an NSA-funded working group exploring how the cybersecurity knowledge and skills students learn at CAE-C institutions might link more closely with the needs of the workplace. Evidence shows students often struggle to mobilize their learning in meaningful ways. Students need to develop cybersecurity competency. This pilot will explore ways to phrase and develop competency statements in relation to course outcomes.

Benefits of participating in this pilot

• 20 participants will be selected from across CAE-C institutions, both 2 year and 4 year programs 

• Participants will have the opportunity to take part in 4 or 5 professional development meetings, reflecting upon their course outcomes and discussing how to tailor these more closely to the NICE framework and industry expectations.

• Participants will potentially have the opportunity to engage with experts in the field, participate in academic publications, and present your work at policy and academic events.

• This is an excellent opportunity to critically reflect upon your teaching practice and to engage with the wider cybersecurity community.

Interested? Please contact zfowler@norwich.edu by July 30th, 2021