Posted on 05 Mar 2018 3:22 PM

Greetings old and new CyberEdWiki users! 

We are holding a contest for editing the CyberEdWiki and one lucky winner will win a free ticket (a $525 value!) to the upcoming CISSE Conference.

The cyberEdWiki is where we, as members of the CAE community, can provide updates/suggestions/refinements/etc. to the Knowledge Units, we all know and love.

This year we are adding the element of Skills - what skills should a student develop to demonstrate accomplishment of a knowledge unit. So all of the knowledge units need skills - lots of update opportunities here. And to provide a bit of incentive - one lucky winner will receive a prize. Not a prize as glorious as Tony provides at events, but it is the best we can do - a pass to this year's CISSE conference in New Orleans. Just the conference pass, travel, lodging, and expenses are on you (sorry, our prize budget is only so deep . . . )

But win or lose, we all get the benefit of KU updates, so go start updating!

How to Enter:

The count for entries will end March 31st. The winner will be announced on April 2nd!

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