MOS Pathways Focus Group
Posted on 21 Dec 2021 10:58 AM

The NCyTE Center is recruiting faculty from universities to participate in a focus group. One of NCyTE’s goals is to help military personnel transition into college programs and careers in cybersecurity by converting their training and experience into college credit. Faculty will discuss the merits of awarding credits for military service and ways in which this could be accomplished in a university. To see an example of how military experience is being evaluated for college credit visit the MOS pathways web page. The military occupational specialty (MOS) crosswalk was developed by the NCYTE Center to help community colleges and other educational institutions translate the military skills, training, and experience of veterans into course equivalencies.

Eligible participants receive a $50 stipend if they are from a university and did not participate in the fall of 2021 MOS Pathways focus group.

Register today! Participants are eligible for a $50 stipend. Must be a university to attend.