NCL Spring 2021 Competition
Posted on 01 Mar 2021 9:12 PM

CAE Community,

STEM and cybersecurity students will benefit from hands-on participation in the all-virtual National Cyber League (NCL) cybersecurity competition, powered by Cyber Skyline. Spring 2021 Season registration ends March 5 and late registration is March 6th - 9th. 

Participating in NCL helps colleges achieve their CAE designation, because NCL’s nine cybersecurity skills categories align to outcomes specific in CAE-CD Knowledge Units (see this alignment document here). The cost, which includes a Practice Gym as well as Preseason, Individual and Team games, is only $35/student. More details are on the FAQs page.

As a professor at Eastern New Mexico University – Ruidoso, I have been including NCL to augment my syllabus each season, and I highly recommend it as a fun learning tool, while validating student skills for job interviews through their Scouting Reports. NCL also aligns with NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce categories and CompTIA Security Certifications. You can contact with specific questions.

Stephen Miller