Posted on 05 Mar 2018 7:34 AM

Greetings CAE in Cybersecurity Community! For the past couple of months, the CAE in Cybersecurity Community web team has been gathering feedback from our users and beginning the data migration process for our new website. We'd like to thank those of you that sent in your recommendations and before the official launch of the new website, we would like you to see a limited view of the new website and provide any final recommendations. 

New Features

The new CAE in Cybersecurity Community Website will still be hosted on a Drupal Platform, which means much of the functionality will stay the same, including the user-generated content. Any CAE designated institution will still have the power to post and review content on the website. To assist you with content creation, we will be adding user guides to some of our content creation areas (i.e. news, faculty opportunities, events). In addition, we are also finalizing the new FAQ page, which we hope will aid all of you in using the new site. 

Additionally, we are going to be adding a couple new features: 

  • New Users -- Everyday the CAE in Cybersecurity Community receives requests from individuals (academia (including students), industry, government) outside the organization for membership on the site. After talking with the NIETP Program Office, we've agreed to allow these users limited access to the site.  Our goal here is to encourage individuals from all over academia, industry, and government to join us in our mission of excellence in cybersecurity education. 
  • Updated CAE designated Institutions Map -- A new map to display the CAE designated institutions. 

In the next couple of months, we will also be adding these new features:

  • CAE in Cybersecurity Community Logo Page -- A place for you to request a copy of our community logo and download the logo identity manual. 
  • CNRC/CRRC Pages -- To help you communicate with your regional CNRC/CRRC, we are going to provide each with their own content page.  Our goal here is to centralize all community events, news, registration for events, contact information and Zoom virtual conferencing rooms. (You will not see these on the website until the official launch). 
  • Program Office Repository Page -- To help you get all of the information provided by the program office (i.e. marketing materials, presentations, pdf, etc.), they will also be getting a page on the CAE in Cybersecurity Community Website. (You will not see these on the website until the official launch).

Website Details

We invite you to take a look at our new website by going here Please note, as this is a "soft launch" some of the functionality of the new website is not yet enabled. For this soft launch, we've decided to disallow logins and access to user-created content. This means you will only be able to look at the content that is not behind our user login.  It is our goal to make the new website as transparent a process as possible and receive feedback from the community.

After viewing the website if you have any feedback or recommendations, please contact