Posted on 29 Apr 2020 9:23 PM



VISION:  PandeMICs! wants to help connect the world during times of disease and outbreak. Through the use of technology we provide real-time statistics from vetted government agencies to help you carry on during your daily lives. Our goal is to leverage crowd sourced information to let our users know where suspected infectious disease cases are, what local stores have supplies, and where they can go to get tested through a powerful upvote/downvote system. Take the MIC out of PandeMICs! and be a voice for your community.

MISSION:  PandeMICs! is created with love by the University of New Haven (UNHcFREG at the Samuel S. Bergami Jr. Cybersecurity Center). Our mission is during uncertain times of outbreaks and calls from our government(s) to practice social distancing to still allow our communities to communicate with one another. We empower your voice by allowing you to share information about suspected cases, local store supplies, and local testing facilities to stand together as a community and overcome hard times.

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