Posted on 01 Aug 2017 3:04 PM

Greetings, CAE in Cybersecurity Community! As part of a larger web development redesign effort and visual identity campaign, the Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity Community is proud to announce the release of our new community logo. For more information about the new logo, reasons for the change, and instructions on how to obtain/use the logo, please continue reading.

About our New Logo

Our new logo accentuates our identity as cybersecurity educators and professionals, as well as our commitment to produce qualified cybersecurity graduates that will protect and defend as part of the cybersecurity workforce. Our new logo accomplishes this goal by incorporating:

  1. circuitry to represent the cybersecurity industry,
  2. a graduation cap to represent our role as educators,
  3. a shield and symbolic colors to represent our commitment to producing cybersecurity professionals that will protect the nation’s infrastructure,
  4. and our full name.

In addition, you will also note that the new logo also highlights our role within the industry of cybersecurity by distinguishing us from other CAE programs. To accomplish this goal, our new logo includes our full name and industry, “Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity.”

Reasons for the Change

Although our old logo displayed similar elements of the current logo, the CAE in Cybersecurity Community came up with a logo that was brighter, with centralized design elements, and emphasizes our commitment to cybersecurity education. When speaking with members of the community about redesigning the logo, these were some of the biggest recommendations for our redesign efforts. These changes will enable our community to grow in academia, government, and industry by reinforcing our identity within and outside of our community. In addition, by incorporating elements of our old logo, our new logo provides some continuity to our previous design.

Using our New Logo

It is important for the CAE Members to accurately represent the community, and as part of this representation, we need to ensure that our visual communications are consistent and reflect a unified image of our community.

By using a consistent and uniform approach in our visual communications, the CAE Community will be able to strengthen our recognition and familiarity among academia, government and industry. In addition, the community will be able to raise our profile regionally and nationally, communicate as a unified whole, recruit new CAE members, connect to government and academia, and support CAE activity.

The CAE in Cybersecurity Community Program Manager is the steward of the logo, responsible for strategic message development, marketing campaigns, and granting members use privileges. To ensure a that all print materials are in full compliance with our logo policies, there is a process for approval for all communication that contain the new CAE Community Logo. All communication materials (i.e. emails, brochures, flyers, ads, etc.) must be officially approved by the CAE in Cybersecurity Community to ensure compliance with our Visual Identity campaign. Please allow at least two business days for review of your communication material.

To receive a copy of our new logo, you will need to submit a request to the CAE in Cybersecurity Community Web Development Team. ***Note: The CAE in Cybersecurity Community Logo will begin taking requests from the community to access the logo on September 1, 2017. 

Visual Identity Manual

Along with the release of our new logo, we will also be releasing a Visual Identity Manual (VIM). Our VIM will demonstrate how to correctly use the CAE in Cybersecurity Community’s Logo. It will serve as a reference tool to help you in creating and strengthening your communication materials, as well as ensuring all materials are of high quality, consistent, and unified with the branding efforts of the community. 

***Note: The CAE Visual Identity Manual will be released on September 1, 2017. 

Contact Information

Our new logo is part of a broader CAE in Cybersecurity Community Web Redesign as well as community virtual identity campaign. To provide suggestions or feedback on the new branding campaign or the website redevelopment, please contact