Posted on 09 Jun 2017 4:09 PM

The National Centers of Academic Excellence is hosting a Virtual Career Fair on October 13, 2017. The job fair will connect students from CAE designated schools to employers looking to fill internships, part-times positions, and full-time positions. Each student will be required to upload a resume along with his/her registration.


Employers will have access to all student resumes submitted, which will enable him/her to review quality candidate profiles and the resume book before attending the Virtual Career Fair. In addition, employers will also have the opportunity to showcase your company with virtual booth branding and presentations. Tech support and training before the event will also be available for all employers.


The event will take place from 8:00am-11:30am PDT (tentatively), which gives students across the nation the chance to connect with employers. The Virtual Career Fair will enable students and employers to network in an easy-to-use virtual environment using a robust chat function for instant one-on-one communication with employers. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to submit a resume and participate in resume workshops before the event.


Registration is open, please go to

If you have questions, comments, or need additional information, please contact