Posted on 21 Apr 2020 5:18 PM


Share Your Knowledge and Advice with Students

The Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) is a private-public partnership between the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation (NCMF) and the National Security Agency (NSA). Our vision is to influence the cryptologic future by sharing our educational resources, stimulating new knowledge, and commemorating our heritage. 

The threefold tenets of the NCMF are to:

Educate the public, especially the nation’s brightest young minds. As a nationally recognized provider of assured quality cyber education resources focused on K-20 cohorts, our efforts help reduce cyber workforce deficits and current skills shortfalls, thereby promoting cyber professions as a fulfilling career choice.

Stimulate public engagement by serving as a venue for robust proactive dialogue on issues of cyber policy, technology, and privacy. As a bridge between government and entrepreneurs, promote innovation to solve our cryptologic challenges. Finally, inspire young students to explore cryptology and other STEM fields of study. 

Commemorate all “those who serve in silence” in the cryptologic mission with valor and distinction, and whose contributions help enhance and preserve our way of life.

Connecting Cybersecurity Professionals to Every Classroom

CCEI is partnered with to bring cybersecurity content to the classroom. Our site is Through NEPRIS we have access to over 8000 classrooms. This capability provides live classroom interactions and a rich video library for students to engage in a broad spectrum of topics. 

Since schools across the country are closed due to COVID-19, and students are receiving their lessons online, CCEI would like to assist teachers by providing online “Cybersecurity Chats.”

To assist in cybersecurity topic selection, CCEI offers our High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework (CCF). The “Big Ideas” within the framework are broad encompassing areas of importance to cybersecurity: Ethics, Establishing Trust, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Data Security, System Security, Adversarial Thinking, Risk, and Implications. Learn more about the Big Idea Topics.

If this opportunity of giving back to K-12 students with 30 minutes of your time is for you, we ask that you let us know by submitting your information via our online registration page.

These cybersecurity education  programs are paving the way to connect NSA with the public so they can develop and recruit the deep expertise so desperately needed in both our civilian and military populations. It is our goal to peak K-12 students’ interest in these fields so that as they enter the workforce or college, they will pursue related majors to serve the mission of NSA and defend and preserve our way of life.