Posted on 21 Jul 2017 12:26 AM

CAE Tech Talks proudly brings you, an additional program called  the "CAE Forum" starting Fall 2017. CAE Forum will be hosted using Adobe Connect by our friends at California State University-San Bernardino. Our plan is to host CAE Forum on the third Wednesday (CAE Tech Talk in on Thursdays) of each month during the Fall and Spring semesters. CAE Forum is currently soliciting proposals to present for Fall 2017. 

What is the CAE FORUM?

CAE Forum (modeled after CAE Tech Talk)  is a live, real-time, online, academic forum where members of the CAE Community give non-technical presentation on topics of value to the CAE Community. CAE Forum is about sharing your ideas, knowledge, and expertise to empower and strengthen our community. 

How can I present? 

The steps for being a CAE Forum presenter are easy. We just need to make you aware of the platform, accepted presentation types, and some additional rules. These rules include:

  1. Presentations should be non-technical and of value and interest to the CAE Community
  2. Presentation are for academic purposes, not to sell products or services
  3. Presentations along with questions and answers must be 40 minutes or less
  4. Presentations are given using Microsoft PowerPoint (Please do not incorporate embedded video as they do not always render on Adobe Connect)
  5. Have Fun!

Anyone in the CAE Community ( 2Y/4Y professors, students, and government members) can present at the CAE Forum. However, please note that any students wishing to present should have his/her presentation vetted, evaluated, and approved by at least two professors from their school to insure quality and relevancy. Keep in mind, the quality of your presentation is a direct reflection on your school!

Who can attend? 

The entire CAE Community is invited to attend the presentation. All presentations will be recorded, and at the conclusion of the live presentation, all materials will available to view on the CAE Community website at:

Date/Time/Location Information

The CAE Forum will occur the third Wednesday of each month (a day before CAE Tech Talks), between 1:00pm-3:00pm ET. Presentations are conducted live over the internet using an online delivery platform (Adobe Connect) at the following address:

Contact Information 

If you need assistance accessing the webinars or PDFs, please contact

If you would like more information on the CAE Forum or CAE Tech Talks, please contact or