Get to Know Your Fellow CAE-R

Note: We will not be holding an event on September due to the CAE-R CoP Research Symposium happening the week before. We will resume events on October.

Join us as we host a monthly series of presentations from our fellow CAE-R institutions to learn about their research foci as well as some of their recent research results. In order to avoid conflicts with the CAE TechTalks, we will hold the "Get to Know Your Fellow CAE-R" events every FOURTH Thursday of each month, from 2pm ET to 4pm ET on Zoom. Preregistration is necessary to attend the events.

Each event will have two CAE-Rs presenting. Each CAE-R will have a maximum of 60 minutes to present: 10 minutes for the general introduction on research foci of the institution by the POC, followed by UP TO TWO presentations of no more than 15 minutes each on recently peer-reviewed, accepted/published results by faculty or students, and a ~15-20 Q&A session on the presentations and networking. It is up to the institutions to decide which research results are featured as part of their presentation.

Preregistration is currently closed. Please check in regularly for the next event.

If you cannot make the live presentations, you may access the recordings at the CAE Community YouTube channel.

In case of any questions, you may reach out to the co-chairs of the initiative, Bo Yuan of Rochester Institute of Technology and Roberto Perdisci of University of Georgia.

October 26, 2023 Event Agenda

2.00 - 2.05pm ET: General Welcome and Logistics

2.05 - 3.00pm ET: University of Central Florida
    2.05 - 2.15pm ET: Introduction and Research Foci
    2.15 - 2.30pm ET: Research Presentation 1
    2.30 - 2.45pm ET: Research Presentation 2
    2.45 - 3.00pm ET: Q&A Session

3.00 - 3.05pm ET: Transition

3.05 - 4.00pm ET: West Virginia University
    3.05 - 3.15pm ET: Introduction and Research Foci
    3.15 - 3.30pm ET: Research Presentation 1
    3.30 - 3.45pm ET: Research Presentation 2
    3.45 - 4.00pm ET: Q&A Session

Past Presentations

Presentation Date Presenting Institutions Presentations

University of Central Florida [Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Cliff Zou

"Finding Broken Linux Configuration Specifications by Statically Analyzing the Kconfig Language" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Paul Gazzillo

"Semantic Analysis of Macro Usage for Portability" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Brent Pappas, student of Dr. Paul Gazzillo

West Virginia University [Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. David Krovich

"SREP+SAST: A Comparison of Tools for Reverse Engineering Machine Code to Detect Cybersecurity Vulnerabilties" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Tom Devine

"Deep Hashing for Secure Multimodal Biometrics" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Valenti


George Mason University
[Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Sushil Jajodia

"Mason Vulnerability Scoring Framework: A Customizable Framework for Scoring Common Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Massimiliano Albanese
"GraphSPD: Graph-Based Security Patch Detection with Enriched Code Semantics" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Kun Sun
Missouri University of Science and Technology
[Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Sanjay Madria
"A Collusion-Resistant Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Sanjay Madria
"Preserving Privacy in Image Database through Bit-Planes Obfuscation" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Vishesh Tanwar

University of North Texas [Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Ram Dantu

"Code-Based Cryptography: Some Recent Results" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Kirill Morozov

"Mutual Authentication for Drones: Attacks and Defenses" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Kirill Morozov

Carnegie Mellon University [Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Hanan Hibshi

"Perspectives from a Comprehensive Evaluation of Reconstruction-based Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Systems" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Clement Fung
"Replication: How Well Do My Results Generalize Now? The External Validity of Online Privacy and Security Surveys" [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Jenny Tang

Rochester Institute of Technology [Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Mehdi Mirakhorli

“A Spatiotemporal Approach for Secure Crowdsourced Radio Environment Map Construction” [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Yidan Hu

“ISC-FLAT: On the Conflict Between Control Flow Attestation and Real-Time Operations” [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Antonio Joia Neto

University of Georgia [Slides / Video]
POC: Dr. Roberto Perdisci
“SYNTHDB: Synthesizing Database via Program Analysis for Security Testing of Web Applications” [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenters: An Chen and Dr. Kyu Hyung Lee
“PhishInPatterns: Measuring Elicited User Interactions at Scale on Phishing Websites” [Publication / Slides / Video]
Presenter: Dr. Karthika Subramani

Interested in Presenting in the Future?

If you are interested in presenting your institution at a future event, please complete this questionnaire here. POCs Bo Yuan from Rochester Institute of Technology and Roberto Perdisci from University of Georgia will be in contact with those who express interest in presenting their institutions.

If you wish to see an example submission for an idea of how to respond to the questionnaire, please refer to the attached PDF.